Sunday, 1 August 2010

Rainy Day outside

Well, this is the view out my front door - cold and rainy outside today, the perfect day to stay inside and work on my art journal that has been sadly neglected this past week.

On Friday I caught up with a couple of friends for a leisurely breakfast and received a lovely present from my dear friend Anna. I had given Anna some pieces of material that I had all great intentions of doing something with but never got around to. This is the result, a beautiful  handbag. I just love it, Anna is so creative!!

Anna also gave me an ATC - I am so lucky to have such a wonderful thoughtful friend. Thank you Anna.

Every time this week that I thought that I would have some time to create, something else got in the way and I hadn't been able to touch a page till today. Hence the theme of my first page, having enough time to do what I want to do. It is a matter of choices and how I look at time - friend instead of foe.
I seem to be stuck on circles and swirls at the moment. I used anything I could find today to make circles, old cotton reels, the end of a sponge brush, bubble wrap and circle stamps.

I am also a big fan of Dr Wayne Dyer and Abraham-Hicks' teachings and the transfer is from an article about time.
The affirmation at the end is "I intend to make time for myself to live the life that I came here to live."

The next page was inspired by my astrology chart from yesterday. It started with the question - What would you do if you had the freedom to do anything?  It talked about the list of things that you wouldn't touch, things you love just as they are. It is a reminder to recognise these things and celebrate them and that being grateful for what you already have is the key to greater comfort.
 Here is stage 1 and 2.
I started with a pinky red with lilac background. i bubble wrapped into the wet paint, then mixed the red with white and stamped bubble wrap on top (can you tell I love the bubble wrap at the moment?)

I then stuck down pieces of a nice serviette, then painted sunflower yellow and aqua in places

 Then came the astrology article, flower stenciling, doodling, stamping and finally the finished page.

Hence, these are some of the things I am grateful for:-

I hope you are all safe an sound where-ever you are in the world and that you are grabbing those precious moments to create till your hearts desire and celebrate what you have right now, because in the end all that matters is now.

Love lee:)


Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Bbrrrrr Lee, it looks cold and miserable. Don't suppose you want to know that we had a t.shirt and thongs day today and a morning spent at the beach - NO - okay.

Beautiful journal pages and I too have a 'thing' for the bubblewrap technique.
Hope you have a great week and get some valuable ME time.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

ittybittyandpretty said...

i just love rainy days, as long as i dont have to go anywhere...your pages look great, i have neglected my journal but will have to make time just as you did to do a few pages in the near future.
have a great week ahead.

Tyggereye said...

Lovely how you did the stages on here. Gorgeous!

Janet said...

Your rainy day looks pretty good to me. And how lucky you are to receive your scraps of fabric back in such a beautiful form.

I, too, like Dr. Dyer and Abraham-Hicks teachings. I get little messages from A-H each day in my email. I love how you incorporated those thoughts into your pages. And circles are something I use quite often in my art. I love their symbolism.

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Lee,
Sooo glad you like your bag!
These pages are fantastic, bright and cheery!
Well done.
Stay warm,
Happy painting,

Unknown said...

love your pages, and thanks so much for sharing the process. LOVE the process :)

you're talking about 2 important subjects for me. time - becoming friends with it... and astrology!

i really need to doodle more, want to doodle more.... not sure why i'm stuck.

(any chance of getting the name/url option for comments?)

Tyggereye said...

What an icky day. Great day to get a beautiful bag though! Love your page. That quote is fab. "I intend to make time for myself to live the life that I came here to live."

Another great art page!~

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