Tuesday, 12 October 2010

My baby is turning 21!

Hi everyone

Well as promised I now have the photos taken of what was keeping me busy on the weekend.
My eldest is turning 21 on the 1st of December and we are having a party for him so I thought I would make the invitations. I have had the most generous help from Pam and Jacinta at Scrappers Warehouse who gave me great ideas and where I bought the supplies to complete this little project. As the generation of today does things, most of my sons friends have been invited through Facebook so I only had to make invites for the family and adult friends. I started making them on Saturday and made one card in about 3 hours. I thought, gee maybe this is a bigger job than I thought but then I got into production line mode and completed 9 more by Sunday night, in between helping out in the garden and enjoying the fabulous spring day.

They are based with a red cardstock, then the striped paper  which I have stamped and grunged with a black stamp pad. The photos are also grunged and stuck to red card stock. the stamp was appropriate in saying 'Time Flies'.

 As you pull the ribbon on the right hand side the photos flip open. I chose 4 photos of Scott from baby to now.

until finally the details of the party are revealed.I thought the technique was really cool and Scott was very happy with them. He thought he was just getting a standard invite. Well, without girls in the house, I don't have a chance to do crafty things just for the kids so I thought I had better put my best foot forward for this milestone. And yes it makes me feel old but very proud of him.

Now I did mention that chocolate was going to be involved and I had all good intentions of making my now famous chocolate fondant volcanoes but I was so engrossed with what I was doing that i just ended up eating chocolate Toblerone.  Maybe next weekend I will make the fondants and share the recipe.

So there you have it, a very satisfying creative time and with the Toblerone a yummy one too. Do go and visit Pam and Jacinta if you are in Australia and in person if you are in Melbourne. Their shop is packed full of scrapbook and card making goodies and they are lovely ladies. Thanks girls :)

Have a great day everyone




Janet said...

You can't have a son almost 21! You don't look much older than that yourself.

He's a handsome young man. And how lucky he is to have such a creative mom to make those invitations.

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Wow Lee, they turned out fantastic. Won't the family be thrilled to receive one of those mini artworks!
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Creative Gypsy said...

Congratulations on this wonderful milestone to both your son - and you for all you've done over the years to help him to reach it with such wonder, joy and adventure.
I LOVE the Toblerone part of the story. Looking forward to the fondant recipe! YUM! :)

Cindy Belseth said...

Wow, those invitations are genius! I love it! What a great keepsake they will make too, good job! :)

Happy planning!


Anonymous said...

OMGoodness! I love this creation! that is so awesome!

Well done!

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop in and see me!

ciao bella!!!!


Tyggereye said...

Aww!!! 21 what?? So adorable. I love the way you did his pictures like that. Very neat. Its funny I'm always like Leo grow up faster, but thinking of them getting that old makes me want time to go by slower! Hope he had a terrific birthday. I remember my 21st. lol. I was trashed. What is the drinking age in Aust? In the states its 21. So you can imagine here most get pretty intoxicated on that birthday. lol

Wini said...

Wow, Your invitation looks fabulous!! What a wonderful keepsake. Congrats to your son on turning 21! Thx for the tip re Scrapbooking shop too. Wini xo

The Pink Poodle said...

Hi lee...WOW 21..!!

My MR C was 21 in April...MMM!! no party...he got a BIG TV instead..!!

& guess what..?? we get to watch it as well..

THEY grow up far toooo fast..

hope all goes well...& loving your pictures/designs..

xx andrea

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Lee,
How special are these cards for such a special occasion and such a keep sake for those that really love him!

Hm, I must visit those ladies again
at Scrappers warehouse.
Happy creating,

CreativeMish said...

Very cute! What a fun idea! My baby turned 24 this year :)

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