Friday, 18 February 2011

Yesterday, tomorrow, today

Happy Friday Everyone, end of the work week and the start of a relaxing weekend. 
I want to thank everyone for the encouraging comments. There are some that I can't email a reply to so this is my thankyou to you.

I have caught the card making bug to an extent and particularly iris folding. Last week I had a class with Pam at Scrapper's Warehouse. I made a Valentine's Day card for my husband and another card with iris folding. Here is one I made for my Mums birthday. My Mum and Dad were married on my Mum's 21st Birthday which also happens to be Valentines Day, how romantic. She also loves all things Asian in design and was treated to dinner in Chinatown in Sydney. Wish I could have been there to celebrate with her but I was there in spirit.

And here is the one I made today for my youngest sons 19th birthday. Once you get the idea of it, it is quick and easy to do and very effective. I am pretty basic with my embelishing but being a boys card I didn't want to make it too fluffy. I may play with it a bit more.

I also had a play this week with my watercolour crayons after being inspired by a video I saw on You Tube by Rachel. Here is the link. She has some fantastic videos full of tips and techniques.

On my page I had swiped off excess black green paint from a credit card. I scribbled all over the page with Orange, Light Blue and Deep Green

Then with a damp brush blended the colours
The crayons I have have a waxy feel to them even when painted out so I thought it would be hard to write on so I grabbed a jar of Absolute Matt Titanium White paint, scrapped a bit on with a palette knife and swirled it over the crayons with my finger, blending it with the crayons underneath to give this sort of pastel look. (sorry its a bit blurry, I didn't have my glasses on when I checked it)
I grabbed my baby wipe and wiped off a bit so it wasn't so flat looking
I then scribbled around the page in places with my Crimson Watercolour Crayon creating a border and giving a bit more colour in other places
So it looked like this

I had an itch to stamp so I got out a stamp I bought ages ago but hadn't used yet. I love the style of it.

 I also used a couple of other stamps, a daisy and square.
 For this page I already had a saying in mind and Rachels video in mind but really let it take its on course again as in my previous post, so I wrote my saying on the right hand page

and journaled on the left hand side under the stamp

 and used my Souffle pens, gel pens, watercolour pencils and sharpies to colour and doodle.

 Don't you just love this stamp...
Here is the finished page. This image was captured with the scanner so it is the truer representation of the colours. To finish it I just kept colouring, outlining, colouring again and doodling till I was happy.
I must say that I once again, had enormous trouble writing with the pens I choose over the crayons and paint. I think it is the crayons because when I went to ask Pam about her set of Watercolour Crayons they didn't have a waxy feel like mine so I think it is time to invest in a better set of crayons. Mothers Day is around the corner so guess what I am going to hint at.

You know we keep getting reminders that life is a precious gift and reminders that sometimes we spend far too much time worrying about what happened yesterday or 10 years ago and then worrying about what is going to happen tomorrow when we end up forgetting to live in today. We all get presented with different situations in life and it is not the situation that is all important as how you react to it. Hence my choice of quote

"Yesterday is history, 
Tomorrow is a mystery,
Today is the present,
That's why they call it a gift."
Have a great weekend everyone




Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Very inspiring Lee. Thanks for sharing your techniques.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

MissKoolAid said...

I haven't done Iris folding in ages! Your cards look good.
I love the colours on your pages and that stamp really is lovely. And that quote is a good reminder to live in the now.

Tyggereye said...

Cool! I love how you did this and took pictures of all the steps. I'm horrible about taking in process step pictures. lol. Have a great Friday too!!

Serena Lewis said...

Your cards are beautiful, Lee!! Great job on both! I've done very simple ones in the past but it might be time to start making my own cards too as I have been feeling quite disappointed with the cards on the shop shelves lately.

Your journal page is outstanding!

Have a lovely weekend ~

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Lee,
Ohh, those cards look fabulous and very interesting.
Lurve the saying, we should take more notice of these sayings!
You're step by step is great.
I hope you get what you wish for on Mother's day.
Have a creative, fun weekend,

Janet said...

Your journal spread is wonderful. I appreciate how you take us step-by-step through your process because that makes the end result even better. I love the quote you used and it's so true.

Wini said...

Hi Lee, I love the cards you made for your mum and son. Thanks for sharing your latest journal pages! I love the inspire stamp, the quote and the layout of the page. I agree its worth investing in a good set of crayons. I don't like my set and am also thinking of getting a better set!! Thanks for the tip about using baby wipes too! Wini

Cindy Belseth said...

Beautiful work Lee! I love seeing your process pics! :) Very inspiring indeed!

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