Thursday, 5 May 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Just popping in for a quick hello to everyone. I am out all day tomorrow on my usual posting day so thought I would share a quick doodle for my friend Aimee, who is 30 today. Is is drawn in Sharpie fine black marker and then coloured in with pencils and Staedtler coloured fine point markers.

One thing I would change is where the I is placed, the A looks lonely. 
Well that's it for the art I am afraid. At the moment in my studio I am wrestling with a large jar of Mod Podge because the lid is stuck firm and the jar is 90% full. I have banged it on the bench, pried the lid to no avail. I think I will try hot water next. I am usually pretty good and getting stuck lids off but this one does not want to budge. If you have any suggestions please feel free to share them. 
I still haven't gotten around to visiting everyone but I am getting there.
I hope everyone has a lovely mothers day where ever you are and however far away from your mum or your kids you are. I will be sending loving thanks to my mum over the phone and remembering the mums in our family that are no longer with us.

In honour of Mothers Day I leave you with this poem I found a couple of years ago

Love and hugs to all the mum's out there. 



Janet said...

I love your doodle for Aimee and I'm sure she will too.

Happy Mother's Day to you....sorry I can't help with the stuck jar lid. I have had it happen but I was eventually able to get it unstuck by banging the lid and continuing to twist. Now I always make sure I wipe off the edge before I replace the lid.

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Lee,
Aimee's card is great!

Hm, the only thing that comes to mind for the Mod Podge lid is hot water. Good luck.

Happy Mothers Day to you~fabulous words on that card.
I'm glad you had time with your Mum recently.

Martha Lever said...

Aimee will love that! It's fabulous. I understand about the jar. Hopefully the hot water will do it. If you get it off put a little piece of waxed paper or saran wrap on the jar before you screw it back on, Then it will never get stuck. I have also heard Vaseline also. Happy Mothers Day to you too!

Eden said...

What a pretty doodle for your friend!! I'd love to take a closer look :D Happy Mother's Day to you too, Lee :D Enjoy!

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