Saturday, 19 November 2011

Joy Jam

I am joining in on your heART makes a difference Joy Jam this week. It is all about being aware of what gave you joy during the week, helping us to see more joy by noticing the little things and being grateful for them. Putting you in this state of awareness allows more joy in to your life.
For the Friday Joy Jam we have to list 3 to 5 things that gave us joy this week so here is my list.

- getting my submissions finished and sent off by the deadline for an interstate conference next year. I was stressed that I wouldn't get it done but at the last minute everything came together and I was so happy that it worked out.

- spending time with good friends celebrating her milestone birthday. Appreciating the friendships in our lives is a really important thing to me. We had a great night and I am grateful for all the friends in my life.

- being able to sit out in the sunshine this week and soak in life. Sitting by a friend's pool, sipping champagne, not rushing to be somewhere or get something done, just relaxing and soaking in the moment of great weather and great company.

- making a batch of the best ever gluten free banana and choc chip muffins. Well what more can i say, I am going to share this recipe this week because it is so outrageously good.

- catching up with a faraway girlfriend on the phone. you may remember a recent post where I caught up with my bridesmaid of 24 years ago at my school reunion weekend in Sydney. We message each other on Facebook regularly but it is so good to speak over the phone. 

So what brought you joy this week?
Do you take time at the end of the week (or more often) to notice what gave you joy?
It is a really satisfying practice, you should try it.

Have a great day everyone



patty said...

Hi Lee, thanks for visiting my blog! I love your joy-list. I had a joy-ful time this past week hanging out with a couple of friends at a cool new art exhibit. Thanks for asking!

Louise@ the HeART Center said...

Thank you so much for joining the joy jam this week - love all your joyful things and celebrate big his weekend. Louise Xx

Hannah said...

Great joy list! Well done on getting in your submissions! I am a little envious of your sunshine :)

Lindsay said...

OMG those muffins look soooooo delicious! I can't wait until you share the recipe. :-)

And congrats with finishing before the deadline. I can imagine how difficult this is, but you did it! Whoohoo!

Have a nice sunday. :)

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Lee,
Lovely post on JOY!
Good on you getting your submission pieces finished and sent off!
Those muffins look yummy and don't forget the chocky slice. lol

It gave me Joy yesterday to spend the morning with friends painting, eating and sharing thoughts.
Creative hugs,

An'Angelia Thompson said...

I love the idea of "joy jam", and your pages are great. I want to thank you for all of your wonderful comments and for participating in my birthday giveaway. It was a lot of fun, and your comments meant a lot to me, Lee. Have a great week filled with plenty of Joy Jam! :o) Hugs!

505whimsygirl said...

I really like the flower in the first photo - great colors! And the muffin, it's morning here and I just kept thinking how wonderful it would be with my cup o' jo.

Hmm, what brought me joy this week? My little tweet, Tulip (yellow sided green cheek conure) has started answering back when I do a certain whistle. It's our secret language that the dogs can't understand ;-)

Dinner with a friend last night with nice conversation and relaxation.

Oh, and shopping locally Saturday which was called Small Business Saturday here in the states. I'm all for supporting locally owned businesses whenever I can.

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