Monday, 21 October 2013

Sunday Swoon

Well, it is acutally Monday here but it is still Sunday somewhere so I have just made it into the Sunday Swoon post on Effy's Blog. Each week Effy posts something in her creative world that made her swoon and encourages others to do the same and link to each other so we can share in all that lovely swoonworthyiness (yes, that word is in 'my' dictionary)

My Swoon-worthy moment this past week came from an art class that I taught on Saturday. Here is the original painting

I had a wonderful group of ladies in my class who were all willing to put aside any pre-conceived ideas of where they thought this class was headed and just let go and go with the flow of the journey. Some were seasoned painters, some had been in my art journaling classes for a while but had not tried this style of painting. All were eager to paint and create, and in the end, that is all that matters. A lot of the time we can tie ourselves in knots with the expectations we place on ourselves instead of just surrendering to the process, being open to all and any eventualities.

 I was introduced to this style of painting when I went to a wonderful weekend workshop with Tracy Verdugo over a year ago and she taught me to give in to what my soul wanted to create and step out of my overactive mind controlling the situation. Together with my art journaling, of which Effy is a huge inspiration, it is the most enjoyable way I paint nowadays.

The paints we were using in this class are the new Atelier Free Flow paints. I love them because of their vibrancy, even when dripping and spraying, their consistency and the way they flow. They are my paint of choice and if you want to know more about them or where to get them you can visit the Chroma Australia website here.

Now to why this class this week was so swoon-worthy to me.
Well, quite simply, it was the perfect way to spend the day. I could have sat there long into the night painting and talking.
I love teaching, I love sharing what I have learned, I love the friendships I have made through teaching, I love the friendships that are strengthened through art classes and I love being in a group of like-minded souls creating our little butts off. Hopefully, while doing this, I can inspire others along the way. To see the smile of achievement on someone's face after you have taught them something is one of my greatest sources of joy and I got to see that on Saturday. 

Hope you found something to swoon about in your week



Unknown said...

This is a gorgeous painting. I really love the colors and all the background details that show through. Thanks for sharing.
I wanted you to know for my table runner that I used all fabric paints so I didn't have to use textile medium with them. I paint on fabric a lot, so I have a large collection of fabric paint. If you use regular acrylic paints then add textile medium so that you can wash it and so that it stays soft. I have seen a lot of people use ice instead of snow for this kind of dyeing too. I just happen to have abundant amounts of snow to use in the winter.

Raine said...

Totally Swoon-worthy! I absolutely LOVE that painting. I love all lotuses and water lilies but this one really calls to me. I know it's the color that pushes me over the a good way! I'm so glad you had a great class and they all did a wonderful job.

rose AKA Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

What a wonderful workshop and the images created are fabulous!

Debbie said...

What a lovely way to spend some time and your pieces are beautiful.

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