Friday, 21 September 2007

My try at Absolute Matte Paints

Well, I have just tried the new Absolute Matte paints by Chroma. It took me about an hour to get used to the way they work but I am hooked now. I love the way you can reactivate these paints to blend in another colour or layer. At the same time though you can blast it with a hairdryer and paint on another layer by glazing. Here is my first attempt

I laid down a light layer of white to get the placing right and then when dried, painted a thicker layer of a light cream made with Titanium White and Yellow Ochre. Into this I blended in the greytones which was a mix of Burnt Umber and the cream mixture. I when happy with the tonal values I blasted the canvas with a hair dryer to make sure it was really dry. I then started glazing in the colours with a soft angle shader and filbert brush. The colours were Permanent Brown Madder which gave a lovely red glow and Arylamide Yellow Light for the yellow glow. I also strengthened the highlights by adding white to the cream mixture on each layer of highlights till I was using pure Titanium White for the brightest accent highlights. The green I used was Olive green. Shadows were blended in with Burnt Umber mixed with Olive green. When dry, I glazed over these with Permanent Brown Madder.

Well, this week I hope to do more to a larger design I have started incorporating these roses which are out of my garden. We will see how much I get done.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

It's all about Art.

Hi everyone, this is my art site to share my artwork and experiences with everyone.
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