Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A synchronistic moment

Well it has been a while my blogging buddies but an eventful few weeks for me so pour yourself a cuppa (or a nice glass of wine), pull up a chair and let me fill tell you all about it. I have missed your company.

Firstly let me show you some photos from my first art journaling class. 

It all went really well and I am  thrilled to say that next months class is already fully booked. I had a great group of really lovely ladies who were all willing to learn and have some fun, which we did. 

For the auspicious event I thought I would paint myself an apron. As you can see here it is all the colours(my favourite colours) and techniques from the class with a couple of extras. I am also happy to say that we will be doing this as a workshop early next year.
 I also made some bookmarks to give to my students.

So now for my synchronistic moment.... 
A week after my class I went to see my footy team play, the Sydney Swans. It was a semi final ahead of the grand final this weekend. 

I went with my girlfriend and her family and we had great seats on the boundary line so we were nice and close to the action. I took this photo as they ran through their banner before the start of the game. How good is the effect of the light in the photo? I was hoping it was a sign from above that we were going to win :)

Anyway, unfortunately the Swans lost the game and so it on to preparing for next year.

But I digress; during the game I somehow lost my watch that my husband gave me a couple of years ago. I have several old cheap watches in my bedside drawer but I always have seemed to loose my good watches. There were 55,000 people there at the game on Friday night so what were the chances?
Anyway, I rang the MCG lost property on Monday morning and low and behold some honest person had handed it in. You see it was not engraved so they could have easily pocketed it and no one would have been the wiser. 

Doesn't that reinforce your faith in honest, decent people in this world? 

Another point to give you shivers was that when I spoke to the guy in lost property he gave me an item number so that I could identify it when I went to pick it up. Guess what the numbers were? the last 4 digits of my home and mobile phone number. 

Now if that is not a message from the universe I don't know what is!

So I was going to show you what else I have been up to but I think I will leave you pondering that little synchronistic event. 

Have you had moments like these that have made you stop and think, that have made you stop and realise that we are all one, all connected?

I am supremely grateful to that person that handed my watch in and thought of others instead of themselves so I am passing on that good energy to one of my blog followers. 

Yes, I am having my first giveaway and I can't think of a better reason to do it.  I haven't decided what I am giving away yet but if you are up for a lucky dip  of goodies then leave a comment and I will draw the winner next Tuesday night.

I did do some journal pages this past couple of weeks so will be back in a couple of days to show you.

I hope you are having a great week


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Where is your soul's compass leading you?

Hi everyone, 
I hope you all have had a great week and weekend. To my friends in the US I hope you had a great Labour Day relaxing and enjoying your long weekend.

So today I want to share with you another page in my journal. I was inspired by some great new stamps I have and some papers. 
It is titled "Where is your Soul's Compass leading you?"

My journal page already had washes of green and red which were leftovers from a previous page.
I used a Tim Holtz mask called Concerto randomly over the page

I sponged over the mask with Jo Sonja Pearl White
To give this nice shimmery effect. I wanted the base to show through.
Next, out came the Kaisercraft clear background stamp called Sheet Music and the Black Staz On ink.
I then got my hands dirty by finger painting on some Jo Sonja Titanium White, streaky down the pages
The papers I wanted to use today were from a Kaisercraft mini papers pad called  Black and White Timeless
I tore and cut out images and stuck them down with Atelier Binder Medium.
My next layer was using stamps from this great Stamp It set. I love the detail in these stamps and you get so many stamps in one set that there are endless combinations.
So here is where I am at this stage, not too busy but starting to convey the message that I had in my head.
Out came the obligatory Crafters Workshop stencil. This one is called "mums" and I have wanted to use it for a while now, so I softly sponged on Permanent Alizarine.
A border was called for so I drew around the pages with my Sharpie, Zig black pens and Signo white pen.
and wrote the title on another page out of the mini paper pad which had gridlines on it. I rubbed some of the red paint on it too after tearing it apart.
Here is the final page. The pages always look a bit bright when they are scanned but they are clear so I hope you get the idea.

Do you feel guided by your soul or are you mainly in your head? 

Do you take time to connect with your soul and what it really needs?

Or are you influenced by what everyone else wants you to do or what you think they want you to do? 

Do you make decisions based on your true nature or do you base your decisions on outside influences that don't really satisfy your soul's needs? 

Sometimes we feel anxious when making decisions, we jump from one answer to the other, being influenced by others comments on what we should do, then we go over and over it in our head, constantly swinging from yes to no, to where and when. We feel scattered and full of worry. Then after we have made the decision we still feel anxious and still have an empty feeling and wonder why.

When you connect with your soul on a regular basis, through meditation, art journaling, doodling and writing you are touching base with the wisest part of you, the part that has your best interests at heart, the part that knows you best. We are then able to calmly make informed choices based on what we need. When we make decisions based on our soul's compass we may still feel butterflies in the stomach, but they are butterflies of excited anticipation, of taking a leap, fully trusting in the universe and where you are being lead.

Have you connected with your soul and listened to its message today?

Have a great day everyone.


PS. I have come down with the flu so I am a bit slow it getting round to visit everyone but I will see you soon.
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