Thursday, 21 April 2011

Beware of identity theft this Easter

Hi everyone

Thanks so much for all your kind and lovely comments, I appreciate them all.

I wanted to wish you all a very Happy Easter. I am travelling to my parents and my in-laws for a week so I will be taking a break from my blog for a couple of weeks. I am so looking forward to getting away to the beach and spending some time with my artist mum painting and spending time with loved ones. 

I want to share with you some photos I received in an email this week entitled "Beware of identity theft this Easter"

Aren't they so cute??

I also wanted to share some blogs that have grabbed by attention in the last week

Rebecca has been doing some great drawings lately, this one is one of my favourites. Have a look and see the alphabet that she did in her own unique style.

Janet has created some beautiful pages, this one in particular using watercolour , journaling and collage.

Paula has asked the question this week about finding your own style and what it means to you. It is a great thought provoking post accompanied by her fabulous journal pages. Have a look at her videos, they are great.

Kerryanne has made some gorgeous cards. She is so creative and has a beautiful shabby vintage style.

I found this blog , Kim Klassen Cafe, while looking for new ways to alter my photos for scrapbooking and card making. Kim is very generous with her tutorials, tips and tricks.

I came across this blog, Crafty Storage,this week in my search for storage ideas as my husband has given me the go ahead to taking over half of our garage as my new studio. I won't be as big as some but it will be a permanent spot for me and it will be all mine YEAH!! Anyway, this site has some fantastic ideas and has got me drooling.

My quote for today is a favourite of mine

"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures"
by Henry Ward Beecher

Well I had better get back to work and then it is home to pack before we are up with the sparrows for our 7 hour drive tomorrow.
Have a great Easter everyone and don't get too sick on all that chocolate.


Friday, 15 April 2011

Just dropping in...

Hi everyone

Just thought I would show you what I have been up to this week. 

First is the commissioned piece i was telling you about in my last post. It is painted on a 90cm x 90cm stretched canvas and the lady wanted a bright pink hibiscus on a black background. I thought straight black would be too heavy so i mixed it with Mars Violet. I used Atelier Interactive Paints so I could go back and reblend or re-activate the paint if I needed to touch something up. I also textured the background layer a bit so it wasn't so flat. I am varnishing today and delivering it on the weekend so here's hoping they like it.

The second one is a card I made for a friend's 50th birthday party we went to last weekend. 

I used my Big Shot machine to emboss some black cardstock, then rubbed over the embossed image with Jo Sonja Silver paint, painted some chipboard flourishes with black and silver and then covered in Clear Opals, stamped some flourishes and text onto vellum and some cardstock, stamped script onto some flowers, rubbed the edges with Jo Sonja Silver and layered them and then put it all together. I also rubbed some silver onto the main black cardstock to give a brushed look and all around the edges of the vellum, white cardstock and the black cardstock. 

I really like making cards so hope to do some more just for the fun of it during the year so I have some in stock not just making them in a rush when I need them.  

Ahh now that would be called getting organised wouldn't it.... not something I am famous for!!

I also wanted to pass on a competition I have found where you can win a basket full of goodies valued at $900. You can go here to learn some more

I hope to get some art journaling this week using all the new Crafters Workshop stencils I bought recently so I will catch up with you later.

My quote today is from Ghandi

 "We must be the change we wish to see"

What is something you want changed and how can you go about contributing to that change? It might be something small, within your own environment (like me getting myself and my art space organised) or it could be something in your greater environment. The choice is up to you. All I know is that each moment is precious so why waste it on hoping things were different when you can take that step to making them different?

Have a fantastic creative weekend everyone.



Friday, 8 April 2011

Back from the flower and garden show.

Hi everyone, I am finally back in blogland after my sidetrip to the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. First I would like to show you my entries into the exhibition. I hope you like them. I still like painting different styles rather than sticking to one. I can't decide which is "my style" so I do a few, I like choice you see :)
This is a watercolour batik on rice paper

This was done in Atelier Interactive acrylics then Archival oils

Also done in Atelier Interactive acrylics then Archival oils

Another watercolour batik on rice paper. Still would like to play with this one.
Another done in Atelier Interactive acrylics then Archival oils
And this one, I am happy to say sold. It was done in Jo Sonja acrylics
It was a great show with our art society, True Blue Decorative Artists, selling more than we have previously so we were really happy. I was really happy with my sale. 

 While photos were not allowed of the art exhibition during the show, I did take some photos of set up day. There are around 10 art societies from around Melbourne exhibiting at the show so it is a big event on our calendar.
Here we are setting up the display.
part of one side of our display
part of the other side.
 Thousands of people walk through the show every day and there is so much to see, all the lovely garden setups and of course the lovely flowers. The inside exhibitions are held in the old heritage listed buildings of the Carlton Exhibition buildings while the garden displays are out in the Carlton Gardens in front of this beautiful old building.
Here are a couple of photos of the rest of the show to give you an idea of what a big event this is.
Of course I gravitated to the exhibition of the new release roses. Plenty of ideas for next years paintings. This rose is called Firestar, the official rose of the CFA, honouring the contribution that the CFA makes to our community. Here is a bit about this beautiful rose.      "The Firestar Rose was created as a consequence of the events of 7 February 2009, Black Saturday. The rose honours the lives lost, the many dedicated CFA members who were involved and celebrates the regeneration of new life.

The Firestar Rose is the first rose in the Firestar series.  Funds raised from the sale of each rose in the series will be donated towards CFA and their brigades."

Inside the building. This was looking to the opposite balcony from the Art exhibition. Of course no photos of the art were allowed.

Another inside shot looking in the other direction

Looking up the main hall. The art is on the right

This was an unusual idea for hanging plants but very effective

Standing on the steps of the building looking out the the gardens. See the city buildings in the background. This is right on the edge of Melbourne city.

The front of the Exhibition buildings

One of many full garden displays who were all competing for best and most original garden design awards.

Another full garden set up. The exhibitors set up these full gardens on the grass in Carlton Gardens. They usually have a couple of weeks to set up and then within two days it is all gone. Amazing!

Met this guy while I was walking around. Yes that is a person as the snail.

One of the beautiful floral displays inside.

There were so many people it was hard for me to get a wide shot without people walking in front of me or the shot being full of heads. I guess if you want to see more you will have to take a trip to Melbourne and visit with me next year :)

Everyone who exhibits in the art section has to volunteer for a time while the show is on. My day was the Saturday. My break this year was only a short half hour  between 9am and 5pm so next year I hope I get more time to get some better shots.  

I think I heard that around 20 to 30,000 people walk through the show each day so it can get pretty crowded but it is a great day out if you love flowers and gardens.

Well I hope you have enjoyed my little tour. Maybe I will see you there one year.
For now, I have a commissioned painting to finish today so it's back to my easel. 

My quote today is from Jane Heap

"To express the emotions of life is to live.
To express the life of emotions is to make art"

Enjoy your day everyone, the sun is shining here and it is a great day to be alive and creating.

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