Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Getting back intot the swing of things

Well I was inspired to have a go at blogging again after a long absence by my friend Anna. I dont know whether I can do it justice but we'll see. I hope it will be a way to connect more personally with friends and people who are interested in what I am. It may be a bit of a journal of my journey to get my creativity on paper, canvas, beads, etc. Also may be a bit of rambling.

Today I have been at home with sciatica and maybe a bulging disc so I am not the happiest of campers although it was the most glorious day in Melbourne today and it gave me chance to sit out in the sun and enjoy just being in the now. It also gave me a chance to begin doing some journaling which I have wanted to do for a while, using the Julia Cameron book Sound of Paper. I am then hoping to tackle the Artists Way although the Morning Pages sound a bit daunting. I have heard of so many people getting so much out of this book that it is definitely on my to do list. My other favourite author Sonia Choquette is a great friend of Julia"s and recommends her book to many people who call in on her radio show. I also find that when I am forced to rest I find that I have so many ideas running through my head and then cant do much about them except in 15 minutes blocks of standing or sitting. Very frustrated! I am trying to have a notebook or sketch book handy at these times so that even if I get the ideas in words on the paper I am halfway to creating something. I think I will have to learn to write while lying down.

I haven't been able to do much painting lately but have really got the bug in the last week so I have also gessoed some canvases ready for painting today. Hopefully I will get some time on the weekend to actually put paint to canvas. In the meantime here are some of my most recent creations.

The purple iris was sold at the recent Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show as is going to be taught as a workshop at the True Blue Conference in August. The small rose is also going to be taught a the conference.

This is another one I put in the flower show. I was playing with a tonal study and textured background.

Well, I have been sitting for long enough so will have to lie down to get this back right. Hope to catch up soon.....


Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Lee,
Welcome to blogland. It's a great place to share your thoughts, ideas and beautiful work!
Your paintings are sooo soft and feminine.
Just gorgeous!
Oh, sorry to hear you're back hip and back is playing up. More R & R prescribed by me.

Unknown said...

Thanks for following I like adding photos of blooms in my posts. I noticed you painted an iris and it's beautiful! Irises bloomed here in Louisiana in April. Hope your back feels better!

Unknown said...

Thanks for following I like adding photos of blooms in my posts. I noticed you painted an iris and it's beautiful! Irises bloomed here in Louisiana in April and I may post a photo of it soon. Hope your back feels better!

ArtfulLee Designed said...

Thanks Anna, will have to catch up soon. Keep smiling lovely

ArtfulLee Designed said...

I love the idea of your blog Rebecca. You have inspired me to get back into The Artists Way so thank you. I would love to paint some of your irises if you would like to post the photos.

Serena Lewis said...

Hi Lee,

Your artwork is beautiful!

Btw, I am a fan of Julia Cameron and Sonia Choquette too....have quite a few of their books. I've worked through The Artist's Way three times over the years and still love it although my morning pages tend to come in spits and spats these days. I also have The Sound of Paper, Walking in this World and Finding Water but I haven't read them yet.

I hope your sciatica has eased some.

ArtfulLee Designed said...

Thanks Serena, I just love your art style and the way you paint. I am going to the Hay House I Can Do It conference in Sydney in August. Sonia is going to be there and I cant wait to see the other authors as well. Hopefully I can meet Sonia herself. Do you have her CD set Ask your Guides? It is great.

nart said...

beautiful paintings Lee. Really beautiful.


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