Sunday, 30 May 2010

this and that.

Its a rainy day here in Melbourne, the perfect weather to stay indoors and do something creative. I have couple of ideas running through my head at the moment and hope to get into them today.
I am working through The Sound of Paper by Julia Cameron at the moment and it has been a great motivator to look at where I want this art to go in my life and to become more aware of who and what is really important to me and to pinpoint where I waste time and where I need to focus more. The questions are thought provoking and enlightening. I like it too because the book is structured in such a way that you can sit down and read a chapter and do an exercise in half an hour if that is all you have.

Chroma has asked all of their artists to send them scrapbooking and related ideas to them for publication so it has spurred me into doing something with some of those ideas that have running around in my head for the last couple of months. Also visited my local scrapbooking shop yesterday(very dangerous) and came out with a lot more ideas in this already crowded head (oh and an emptier wallet!). Ahh need a few more hours in the day I think....

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Serena Lewis said...

Hi Lee,

You don't have a contact email on your blog or profile so I'm responding to your comment here.

Re. Denise Linn - I love her books too! I'm glad you enjoyed the Soul Coaching journey on my blog and that it inspired you to make a second attempt at the journey yourself. It was pretty full-on with being a daily journey but it was heaps of fun doing it in a group and I got a lot out of it. I enjoyed her book on Feng Shui too as it broke from traditional Feng Shui standards and was more adapted to the modern individual and their own connections to symbols in their life. I will look out for the book you mentioned - Unlock the Secret Messages of your Body. Thanks.

Julia Cameron and Sonia Choquette are favourites of mine too and I have several of their books. How exciting that you will be seeing Sonia Choquette next month! I hope you post about your experience.

Have a great day,
Serena :)

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