Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Doodle day

Well, you can tell I am at home on a weeks holiday at the moment.Why do these precious weeks off always go so fast? Each time I say to myself that I will be organised and will plan the week to fit as much in as possible. Well then life gets in the way - how dare it?!!
After seeing Anna's new kitchen yesterday it spurred me on to de-clutter a couple of cupboards so that everything doesn't fall out when you open the door and so that I can reach the saucepan I need without putting on a rope and workhat to go in and find it. It was good to cross that one off the list.

Today I just needed to do something creative, anything; so this is what I did before the day started in case I don't get to do anything else. A doodle, zentangle.

Now its about time I got off this computer and do something else on my list, maybe another cupboard or read a book that has been sitting on my bedside table for a month now. Well, I think you know which way I would like to go but better see if I can do both. First some sustenance, a coffee and a bit of chocy:)

My affirmation from today is from the dear Louise L Hay

"I am organised and productive. I have lots of energy, and I enjoy getting my life in order"

Have a great day everyone.
Lee :)


The Pink Poodle said...

WHY oh WHY cannot I "doodle" like that??

looks fab..

you may need to do some more doodling re the repeat grand final..??

xx andrea

Unknown said...

oh you make me miss doodling. isn't it a great fix, and EASY great fix, for when you need to throw some creativity into your days?

holidays are not for organising, they're for fun! ;)

love your new header btw.

Carin said...

Oh that's a beautiful doodle. Now looking towards my doodle book, sighing wistfully. Zendoodles are such a great creative therapy on busy days.

Cindy Belseth said...

OMG Lee, this is beautiful! So intricate and detailed! :) I LOVE it! I have to try these zendoodles!


Anonymous said...

Okay you had me laughing....cute post...and yes, it is so true isn't it...there are so many other things that we can do to fill our time off... fun things..creative things..but those pesky organizing things on our to do lists need to get done.

I am passionate about organization...I thrive on it...i might even be a bit of a 'neat freak'...but hey, things just have to function for me or I get stressed out!

here's hoping you were able to tackle something that needed to get done, and also something leisurely....ahh the best of both worlds!

great sketch, btw...I love love love the doodle...and want to do something like that right now....my coffee's gone cold...but oh well.....it still works for me! heheeee....

ciao bella

Janet said...

I had a laugh over you, the rope and the hardhat going into the cabinets! I recently cleared out and organized my kitchen cabinets and it feels so nice to be able to find things.

LOVE your doodle!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Lee,
This zendoodle is fabulous, and would make great blank cards!

I think you should start in your studio first thing every morning and I should do the same~

Good luck with de-cluttering!
Happy creating,

Tyggereye said...

cool doodle! I need some chocy right now! lol. Also someone to organize my cabinets would be awesome. I know I doubt I'll get to it ever! lol

Kelly said...

Hi Lee;
I just saw this today, I am working on a doodle too and I will post it soon. These are so relaxing and when you are feeling creative but don't know what to do these are perfect!
Hugs and blessings

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