Monday, 6 September 2010

Still here

I am on a short break at work so thought i would just check in with everyone after such a wild weekend weather wise. Here in Melbourne, Saturday night was a sleepless night with gale force winds and heavy rain keeping us on our toes. We were serenaded all night by the crash bang of things in neighbours yards falling over, the constant woosh of the wind on the pergola roof and the gusts of strong winds just as I was drifting off to sleep. We also had to do a couple of surveillance walks around to the house to check if everything was still in place outside and whether or not there was water coming in the house with the constant rain. I tell you what, I don't stand up too well anymore after sleepless nights and when the wind finally died down it was morning and all I wanted to do was curl up under the covers and sleep for a few more hours.

We have been in drought here with water restrictions for a lot of years now so rain is what we have been asking for - I just hope it is all running into the dams. I have also been sending prayers for the people in North East and North West Victoria that have been hardest hit by this weather with homes evacuated and towns completely under water. Together with the earthquake in Christchurch, NZ mother nature is just giving us a reminder that she is in charge.

Yesterday was Fathers Day and it was really nice to go out to a nice long lunch with my husband and our two sons. My father in law passed away a number of years ago and my father lives 800km away so it was just the four of us. A lazy day spent relaxing and paying tribute to our fathers; grateful to have had them in our lives and for all the things they have taught us and done for us. I am so grateful that my father taught me how to look after myself, how to do little handyman jobs and to be independent, oh and he finally has been able to teach me how to do cryptic crosswords after 40 years - thanks Dad xoxo.

I am also over my painting hiatus this past week and ready to get back into the swing of things.  I think I was just all painted out after last weekend. On Saturday I was  preparing for a workshop that I am helping out with a friend of mine. It is half done so will post a picture when it is finishes.

I have been so inspired by KellyRebecca, Rosey and Cindy that I need to get out my pens, paints and journals and just do something! These girls are truly inspirational.

I hope you are all dry, safe and well wherever you are and doing something creative today

Quote for today

"In order to hear your calling and answer it, you must generously give yourself the gift of time. It's not how fast you make your dream come true, but how steadily you pursue it."
- Sarah Ban Breathnach

Luv Lee:)


Serena Lewis said...

Yes, Mother Nature has sure been making a statement. I've seen bits and pieces on the news of all the flooding in the southern states. Stay dry and safe, Lee.

I'm glad you had a nice Father's Day too. I always pass by the cryptic crosswords because I'm not sure how they work. I do love the regular crosswords though.

Enjoy your creative time with your journals ~ :)

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Lee,
Glad to read you've been inspired by these creative ladies and you're getting back into journaling.
Now, if you find my mojo send it over please.
Happy painting,

ArtfulLee Designed said...

Hi Anna, I wondered where you have been, Was going to call you today.
I have good intentions, lets just see how much I get done this week!

Tyggereye said...

Glad you are safe and things have died down. Yeah for being over the painting hiatus!! Our father's day is in June. Thats different how its in different months everywhere. Just something I never really thought of.

Janet said...

I'm happy that you're safe and suffered no damage from the storms. It does seem as if Mother Nature is exercising her powers quite a lot lately.

Happy painting!!

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