Sunday, 26 December 2010

Shortbread, Prawns, Lobster and Chocolate mmmm....

Well, I'm a day late but i hope that you all are having a lovely time with your family and friends, celebrating and appreciating all that is good in life right now.

I had a rather quiet Christmas Day with just the four of us this year but it was nice to have a sleep-in and then a lazy day of eating, giving, eating, relaxing, eating, drinking and oh did I mention eating.

We were looking forward to a nice warm day so I set the table outside and prayed for the weather to stay nice - which it did.

We  decided to have a casual lunch this year with ham, chicken, prawns and lobster and a nice green salad.

Ah Christmas Day, the day when we throw all caution to the wind and eat till our hearts content, feasting on all those treats that seem to be not allowed at any other time of the year. I for one, love it and wondered yet again why I don't bake these more often...

 like my Nan's recipe for Shortbread. It is the BEST shortbread I have ever eaten and each year I make about 6 trays of it. So easy and so delicious

 And these little puddings which I haven't ever made before because the recipe always called for Christmas fruit cake or pudding and as I am the only one that likes that I don't make them. This year however, I saw a recipe using chocolate brownie for the middle and a light bulb went off. Yum, Yum. They are a rich dark chocolate brownie mixture crumbled up and mixed with a good slurp of Frangelico or Kaluha, and rolled into little balls. Then drizzled dark and then white chocolate on the top. These are very sinful and it should come with a warning - You Cannot Stop at One!

It was so nice for us to all be at the dinner table at the same time without somewhere to rush off to.

I did have time to do a doodle in the afternoon, sitting outside in the lovely sunshine and listening to the birds. Once again I used my Souffle pens.

 I would like to say that I appreciate the time you take to come and visit my blog and love reading all the comments. Thank you for your presence.

 I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year and hope that all your dreams come true, that you stay safe and healthy and that you are surrounded by those you love.



MissKoolAid said...

Sounds like a delicious meal! And I really like your doodle.
Happy Holidays!

Serena Lewis said...

Prawns? LOBSTER?!!! yum, Yum, YUM, YUM!!!! It sound like you had a delicious Christmas Day, Lee. What a lovely family you have...and OH, those treats....DOUBLE YUM!!!

I still haven't managed to get to my sketchbooks....soon I hope ~

All the best for 2011 to you!

Serena xo

Serena Lewis said...

Sorry, I was overwhelmed by the food....meant to say how much I liked your Christmas sketch!

Janet said...

I wish I had been there for the sounds delicious! I'm sure everyone loved it.

And I love the Christmas sketch. It would make a great Christmas card for next year if you just change the year.

Ann said...

What I wouldn't give to be able to eat Christmas dinner outside wearing a t-shirt! The doodle is great - what a lovely Christmas card design it would be. Change the date and you're already all ready for next year. :-)

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Lee,
Looks and Sounds like you and your guys had a fabulous day!

Oh, love the Christmas doodle-yep, you should take Ann's advice, change the date and you have next years Christmas cards.
Now, where did you buy those Souffle pens???? I must buy some of those!

Enjoy your break from work.

Tyggereye said...

Oooh it looks lovely! Happy Holidays to you. I love all the pictures. Lobster sounds lovely. I love reading your blog and your comments to me too. Here's to 2011~~ ! :)

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