Thursday, 30 December 2010

Sunshine, relaxing and the smell of gardenias

hi everyone

Thank you for your lovely comments on my doodle. I will take up that idea and use it for Christmas cards next year.

I have been busy in the 'studio' (aka my laundry) this week getting back into the swing of things after the rush that is Christmas. The eating of superfluous things has thankfully slowed down, the walking in the mornings has begun again and the paintbrushes have finally come out. 


Here is my first page. I started laying down Jo Sonja Potting Shed Collection in Geranium. I applied this with a palette knife.

 Then while still wet I added Jo Sonja Napthol Crimson and spread to blend

 I then got the end of a paintbrush and scribbled in it.

  I had some paper napkins that I liked the pattern of and thought this had an oriental feel, hence the red and the black so I tore off pieces and stuck down with Mod Podge
 Then gave a light coat of gesso primer
 I recently bought a couple of stamps from my favourite shop and liked the fan and the flower so on they went with Black Staz On stamp pad.

I  then used the fan stamp and sponged Jo Sonja Pale Gold onto it and stamped a couple of times

 I dug out a 12 x 12 cut out sheet from Scrappers Warehouse and thought I could use it as a stencil. It is only made out of cardstock but if I'm gentle it should last a long time.
 I tried to go for a contrasting colour and picked Jo Sonja in Cornflower which I sponged on over the stencil.


The page needed a frame so I rubbed Jo Sonja Rose Gold (one of my favourite metallic colours) and Pale Gold around the edge of the pages iwth my finger



 I doodled around the outside edge with a gold metallic texta and wrote a favourite quote I found ages ago with, you guessed it, my white Souffle pen.

I outlined the letters in black fine-liner and journalled about what the quote meant to me. Here is the finished spread.

So my prompt to you today is to ask...
what are you thinking, feeling and imagining? 
What sort of mindspace are you in when you create? I know that my best work is when I am calm, feeling relaxed - it is not when I am irritated or rushed but I know some people thrive on getting pumped up to create their best.

i would also like to share you with a photo of my gardenias that are flowering just near our outdoor table, so when you sit there it is the most beautiful aroma wafting through the air.

I hope you all have a very Happy New Year and I hope the new year is all that you dream it will be and more.


Denise said...

I enjoy your blogging mostly because you show us how you make your art.You are very talented and I like what you do.Thanks for sharing the steps you take.Please drop by my site any time,just to say hello.

Carin said...

Love all the layers in this spread and the sentiments!

I too create best when I'm calm. When I'm not, I clutter clear (you get rid of a lot of junk that way lol)! Somtimes I do use that firy energy to create a production line of wild backgrounds though, just slapping the paint on in a frenzy.

Janet said...

Beautiful pages! I love all the layers, and the way you tell about how you did it.

Now all I want to do is come visit you, learn lots of arty techniques and sit outside to smell your gardenias!!

Serena Lewis said...

Loved the creative process behind your journal spread, Lee! It turned out great! Is gesso primer like a sealer or glaze medium?

My gardenia bush has finished flowering for now...they look so beautiful in bloom and the scent is amazing!

A very Happy New Year to you and your family!

Love, light and peace,

Tyggereye said...

ooh I love all the layering and techniques. I'm a big fan of palette knives. This is amazing. Lovely pages. Have a great New Year!!

Ann said...

Your pages are so pretty. I love the richness of metallics, and like you, I enjoy creating when I'm calm... the process makes me even calmer! How lucky you are to have gardenias blooming for the new year!

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