Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Checking in and sharing some blogging inspiration...

Hi everyone,

Just checking in to show you a doodle I recently did at work in my lunch hour.  I had my new collection of sharpies on hand and just used the black, blue and purple. Started with a circle drawn around the bottom of my coffee cup and went from there. 

I have been working on a couple of art journal pages for a class I am going to be teaching so can't show them just yet and really haven't had much time do do anything else lately. 
My new studio is nearly finished; it just needs some finishing touches and then i can show you my space. 
I also am late in acknowledging this but i was the lucky winner of this beautiful handmade journal and purse from the lovely Anna. I was so thrilled to receive the journal and can't wait to add to the beautiful work Anna has already done. Thank you Anna:)

In the absence of arty offerings by myself I offer you some inspiration from some blogging friends of mine, enjoy.

Paula, (Journal Artista) continues to amaze with her weekly Ustream videos and sharing of journal pages and techniques.

Kerryanne (Shabby Art Boutique) has released her new Christmas line which you will not want to miss. I have already bought mine ready for this years festive season.

Jes(Teddybearswednesday) continues to add to her oh so cute and ever-growing family of cheeky little companions. Do go and introduce yourself.

Ro (Ro Bruhn Art) has just shared some fabulous prints from her latest class. I would love to take one of Ro's classes.

Michelle (Creative Treasures) continues to inspire with her card making; a lovely collection of cards and techniques

Janet (Just Me and My Art) has just shared the greatest bargain of the decade as well as her fabulous artwork.

Rebecca (Penny Lane Ink) has been doing some fantastic artwork on hair brushes.

This Friday I am off to the Craft and Quilt Fair in Melbourne and will try really, really hard not to buy things I don't absolutely, positively need..... well maybe I won't buy things that won't fit in the car to bring home :) 
I'm not a quilter but I just love the different patterns on the materials and find them inspirational for art journal backgrounds. 
Rachel Greig from Darkroom Door is also going to be there with her stamps and things so I may just have to have one of her new stamps to try it out.

My quote today, which is actually an affirmation is from another of my favourite authors, Cheryl Richardson. I can feel a journal page coming from this affirmation

"I easily release the unconscious patterns that keep me stuck." 
-Cheryl Richardson
Have a great week everyone and I will check in after my little expedition to the craft and quilt fair.  


Kelly said...

Hi Lee. Great little sketch you have here. I love the art that I do at work because I tend to have a lot of time and can work on the details of a piece right at my desk.
I love all those artists you mentioned. I also love looking at quilts, I can't make them at all, but the designs send me into a trance-like state:)
Big hugs to you and many blessings

Janet said...

You used the best colors for your doodle. She's beautiful! I love all the detail.

Thanks for including me in your list of blogging friends. There are a couple that I don't know so I'm off to visit them.

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Lee,
I'm soo glad you like your giveaway journal and I can't wait to see it full of your creative art works.
I know lots of these bloggers however i'm off to check out the other interesting blogs.
Enjoy that touch of sunshine we have today!
Creative hugs,

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Ohh dear me,
I forgot to mention your latest doodle here is fabulous!
The blue and purple colours match the design so well.
Creative hugs,

Mandy Saile said...

Hi sweet Lee....I love this drawing that sprang forth from a simple mug ring, ha ha...and can't wait to see your work space.

P.S. good luck on your art course. and thanks so so so much for all the lovely recent blog comments.

Sending over a hug and hope your week continues to be lovely.

Rebecca Anthony said...

WOW your lunch doodle is amazing, I love it!

I hate to cook! said...

love the colors...you are not far from me...I am in Boca Raton.

Ro Bruhn said...

Love your gorgeous doodle, she's beautiful. Thanks for the mention too, that's very kind. I hold my workshops at my home in the hills, but I'm open to teach at other venues if you can get a group together with a minimum of five students. thanks again. Ro

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