Friday, 5 August 2011


Hi everyone

Wow how time flies, it certainly seems to be flying past at the speed of light this last couple of months. I can't believe we are in August already! 

I always stop(well, I try to stop) and take note of whether I have accomplished all that I wanted to in the first half of the year. Sometimes this is empowering, sometimes stressful. Either way it helps me to ground myself and see if I need to reassess my goals for the year or whether I need to make new ones. This year I think I have accomplished a lot of ticks on the "to-do" list so I am quite satisfied with where I sit at the moment. How about you? 

Do you take stock at this time of the year or only each New Year? 

What do you find works for you and what does not?

On a lighter note(and with perfect timing), this weekend I am off to the "I Can Do It" conference in Melbourne to see more of my favourite authors lecture and to spend a great weekend with my friends, no cooking, no cleaning, just lots of inspiration and feeling good. Can you tell I am a bit excited!!

I have a doodle to share that I did last week when I was at my wits end with a headache and nerve pain that was 2 weeks old and I was feeling overwhelmed. It was a reminder to breathe and relax. 

I also have a sneak peak of a page I did in my journal. 
I will show you the step by steps next week but now the conference calls and I have a train to catch.

 My quote today comes from Deepak Chopra, one of the speakers at the conference this weekend.
"My thoughts create my outer reality, and determine the quality of my relationships" - Deepak
Have a great weekend everyone



Serena Lewis said...

Hi Lee,

I've been feeling a little overwhelmed myself lately so your message is quite grounding. Nice job!

Enjoy the conference!

Love, light and peace,

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Lee,
Great doodle page~Me too, I should take time out to breathe.
Looking forward to seeing your step by step for the bright butterfly page.
I'm sure you're having a wonderful weekend in the city at 'I can do it' conference.
Creative hugs,

Janet said...

We must be all feeling the same way. I seem to just get more and more behind.

Your doodle is great, as always. I like the combination of green and purple, and the theme is perfect.

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