Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A synchronistic moment

Well it has been a while my blogging buddies but an eventful few weeks for me so pour yourself a cuppa (or a nice glass of wine), pull up a chair and let me fill tell you all about it. I have missed your company.

Firstly let me show you some photos from my first art journaling class. 

It all went really well and I am  thrilled to say that next months class is already fully booked. I had a great group of really lovely ladies who were all willing to learn and have some fun, which we did. 

For the auspicious event I thought I would paint myself an apron. As you can see here it is all the colours(my favourite colours) and techniques from the class with a couple of extras. I am also happy to say that we will be doing this as a workshop early next year.
 I also made some bookmarks to give to my students.

So now for my synchronistic moment.... 
A week after my class I went to see my footy team play, the Sydney Swans. It was a semi final ahead of the grand final this weekend. 

I went with my girlfriend and her family and we had great seats on the boundary line so we were nice and close to the action. I took this photo as they ran through their banner before the start of the game. How good is the effect of the light in the photo? I was hoping it was a sign from above that we were going to win :)

Anyway, unfortunately the Swans lost the game and so it on to preparing for next year.

But I digress; during the game I somehow lost my watch that my husband gave me a couple of years ago. I have several old cheap watches in my bedside drawer but I always have seemed to loose my good watches. There were 55,000 people there at the game on Friday night so what were the chances?
Anyway, I rang the MCG lost property on Monday morning and low and behold some honest person had handed it in. You see it was not engraved so they could have easily pocketed it and no one would have been the wiser. 

Doesn't that reinforce your faith in honest, decent people in this world? 

Another point to give you shivers was that when I spoke to the guy in lost property he gave me an item number so that I could identify it when I went to pick it up. Guess what the numbers were? the last 4 digits of my home and mobile phone number. 

Now if that is not a message from the universe I don't know what is!

So I was going to show you what else I have been up to but I think I will leave you pondering that little synchronistic event. 

Have you had moments like these that have made you stop and think, that have made you stop and realise that we are all one, all connected?

I am supremely grateful to that person that handed my watch in and thought of others instead of themselves so I am passing on that good energy to one of my blog followers. 

Yes, I am having my first giveaway and I can't think of a better reason to do it.  I haven't decided what I am giving away yet but if you are up for a lucky dip  of goodies then leave a comment and I will draw the winner next Tuesday night.

I did do some journal pages this past couple of weeks so will be back in a couple of days to show you.

I hope you are having a great week



Janet said...

First off, that's a wonderful story. I'm glad you got the watch back and all the synchronicity is beautiful. I love when things happen like that. Just sorry your team didn't win!

Your apron is beautiful!! And so are the bookmarks. The colors are my favorites, too.

Put my name in for the drawing. I'd love to win a little piece of your art.

MissKoolAid said...

Looks like everyone enjoyed your class. So glad to hear it went well. I'm happy for you.

I love it when the Universe sends me messages like that.

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Hmmm... what is the Universe telling you Lee? I think it must have good things in-store for you... all leading to something special I'm sure.

So glad the workshop went well and the next is fully booked. Love, love,love your apron!! That's bound to be another fully booked workshop too. Congratulations and well deserved honey.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Anonymous said...

Well, I admire you. This 'teaching an art class' is an adventure I have yet to do! Maybe someday...you had a class full of willing learners, and you can just tell that everyone had a fun time!
Thanks so much for sharing this....please do enter me into your first giveaway...that would be terrific.

Goodnight my fellow artisan.

Ciao Bella

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Lee,
Thank you for a wonderful workshop!

I can gaurantee anyone attending Lee's journal workshops won't be dissapointed.

Ahh, I truly believe in Karma and that's why your watch came back to you.
Creative hugs,

Tyggereye said...

The apron turned out fab. The class looks like so much fun. :)

Serena Lewis said...

What a delightful post full of happiness and good energy! I'm so happy that your journaling class was a success and you already have full classes lined up. YAY!!! Your apron is GORGEOUS!!!

It truly does brighten our spirits when we see there are still a lot of honest people out there. There was definitely a divine message for you.

That Buddha quote is so true!

I would love to win your giveaway so please pop my name into the hat.

Have a great weekend!

~ Serena xo

Wini said...

Hi Lee, Congrats on your first art journalling class!! It looks like it was a very successful event, and great to hear that the next class is booked out! Thanks for sharing the story about your watch. It is good to know that there are honest people out there. Agree its freaky about the matching numbers!! Thanks for the giveaway! Pls count me in. Wini xo

Cindy Lane said...

Poor Swannies. Being Ex-Sydney Siders we shared your grief. My husband was devasted when Freo got knocked out. Just saw Micky Malthouse on the telly this morning and he and Eddie are still swapping Evil Eyes at each other.

So wonderful about the watch - nice things DO happen. Spreading the good Karma is what we should be aiming for in this short life.

LOVED the apron. I'm putting my hand up as a Purple Girl here! Your students looked very pleased with their work - well done all!



An'Angelia Thompson said...

I love a story with a happy ending! So happy you got your special watch back, and yes, it does renew one's faith in mankind. Thanks for sharing!

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