Wednesday, 5 October 2011

And the winner is..............

Thank you to my dear blogging friends, it is time to annouce the winner of my first ever giveaway.....

Gina (Tyggereye Art Love)

Congratulations Gina, a little parcel of artiness will be on it's way to you shortly.
 I am just putting the finishing touches to the prize so will be able to show some pictures of it this weekend.

Meanwhile I will show you a couple of other photos of what I was up to in the last few weeks.
 My husband and I went into the city on the Sunday afternoon after the footy match for some retail therapy ..

..and then a lovely dinner at a restaurant on the Yarra River.

It was a perfect time to do some shopping as it was a bit quieter and the weather was perfect for a stroll. I just love coming into the city and looking at all the old buildings. This one is Flinders Street Railway station.
In the photo below you can see the MCG in the background looking up the Yarra River. I do love the harbour of my home town of Sydney but after 24 years here I am a Melbourne girl now. 
Wouldn't it be nice to have a little apartment in the city so you could spend the weekend enjoying all the sights and sounds of the city and then back to your suburban sanctuary the rest of the time?
Ah to dream..... Oh, and that also goes with the dream of my little beach house for total relaxation as well. A girl can dream can't she??

Overall it was a lovely end to a great weekend.

Well there is no art here but I do have two pages in my journal to show you, I just have to get the photos in order so will be back on Friday to show you.

Hope you are having a lovely week everyone.

Here is a quote I came across this week

"You must find a place inside yourself where nothing is impossible"
- Deepak Chopra

Here's to infinite possibilities.




Janet said...

Congratulations to Gina!! I know whatever you've done, it will be beautiful.

Love seeing the photos of your trip to the city. I agree about having a small city apartment and a nice country home....that would be heaven.

I know I owe you an email....I've just been busy and haven't had a lot of computer time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee,
Was just nudged over here from In Cahoots. So happy to discover your blog..and Melbourne. We are just trying to figure out an extended holiday there..not until 2012/13! Ok off to explore more of your findings! Nice to meet you. Julie

Tyggereye said...

Yeah!! I WON! I totally never win anything. Very cool. My email is Thank you! :)

An'Angelia Thompson said...

Lovely photos, Lee. So picturesque - I wish I could visit!

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