Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The aftermath of cleaning out my creative space

Well I finally was able to clean out my creative space,which is actually my laundry. We had extra cupboards and bench space put into it when we designed our house thinking is would be enough for my painting etc but I have outgrown it and it is a constant battle keeping it tidy so I have enough clear space to create. I am a messy creator  because there is not enough bench space or shelving and therefore I have things spread out all over the place when I am in the zone. My husband just loves climbing over books, paints etc to get to the ironing board to iron his shirts so about twice a year I have a big clean out and rearrange. It took me all day but I was able to go in there this morning and create without moving anything. Yeah!

Here is the latest page I did on my newly cleaned and rediscovered bench top. It is using tea staining that Kerryanne taught us, crackle medium, wood stain glazes and I distressed a couple of photos with sandpaper after seeing Milliandes videos.It is about some of my favourite childhood memories.

This second page is a doodle about a colourful life and what colour can mean to me.
Hope everyone has a great day. It is a bit chilly still here in Melbourne but the sun is out so all is good.

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Janet said...

I completely understand about your creative space. I tend to be messy when I create, too and until I moved my studio recently, mine was always a huge mess. Now with lots of shelves for storage I'm able to keep it much neater than before.

I love the childhood memories page. The photos are so cute. And of course the colorful page caught my eye. Love the rainbow of colors you used.

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