Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Well I had a lovely surprise this week when I received the latest edition of the Australian Fine Art and Decorative Painting magazine. I submitted a triptych of buddhas last year and they have been published this month. Here is the cover and the first page of my spread.

It is a buzz to see your work in print and I am really proud of these. They currently hang in my family room.

I also painted another buddha this week for my local framer who wanted a sample to sell a framed canvas kit they are putting together. They said to only do something quick but that's not in me to do half hearted paintings so i made it quicker by using the same colours and technique as the ones in the magazine but with a different face. I hope they like it.
As for my papers for the show, they are still happening. I just have to sit and make them into cards for display and I will be ready to write instructions. Hopefully I can get it all finished in time. Nothing like running right down to the wire is there?

It is still so cold here in Melbourne, I had the heater on till late in the night and had an extra blanky last night on the bed as the temperature dropped to 3 deg C. Tomorrow doesn't look much better so I  think that I will be creating till I drop tomorrow night, barring no more interruptions and a much better, less-stressed day at work so I can concentrate. For tonight I might curl up in bed and get plenty of rest for the day ahead.


 My mantra for tomorrow is 
"This is a new day. One that I have never lived before,
I stay in the Now and enjoy each and every moment"
 - Louise L Hay


Good night to all and hope your day is creative


Sugar n spice said...

Lee, Congratulations on your work being published. The first time I saw mine in print I was convinced I was a movie star, it is such a buzz. Your paintings are incredible, how do you find the time to do that and work? You really are amazing, good luck with the show on the weekend.
xx Janet

Anonymous said...

congratulations on your publishing accomplishment! I need to start submitting something here and there to see what comes of it! but I imagine it to be quite a thrill seeing your work in a magazine!

good for you!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hey Lee,
Congratulations honey!
Well done on another piece published!
I must get that magazine now.

Oh, your latest Buddha for the framing shop is also fantastic.
I'm sure they'll be thrilled.

I've noticed you changed your header, looks great.
I like your Mantra for today, I must write it down and remember it.

Tyggereye said...

Wow that is amazing!!! Congrats!! That is a gorgeous Buddha. You must be so proud. Love the mantra.

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