Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Creative day

Well, I have certainly achieved a lot on my week off. After cleaning out my creative space I have completed two more journal pages today and have had 3 other things on the go. No stress, everything at my fingertips (well we will see how long that lasts!!) Anyway, the first page is about things I am passionate about. I used watercolour pencils for the background and then used various things like a CD, the end of a cardboard roll, the wrong end of a paintbrush and a heart shaped brush scrubber to try out stamping in white. I also had much more success today writing with my markers  because I was previously was trying to write straight on top of gesso which Janet said was my problem. Thanks Janet, you were right, it just needed a coat of paint or pencil to make them work. You are a lifesaver.
The second page doesnt have any journaling. I had a stamp that I liked the saying of and it sort of lead the way. I started with Pthalo Blue and Pthalo Green background, Spritzed with water and then ran a credit card down the page to make the background pattern. I stenciled the butterflies with a makeup sponge which gave them an almost ghostly look, like they were unseen or could be touched as the stamp says. I stuck on gold chiffon ribbon and white tissue paper and then stamped the saying randomly in white, stamped the saying on a piece of vellum and there you go. The finished page. I just love bright colours. I have a bit of trouble doing things that are pastel or soft (as if you couldn't tell) but I will try to do something a bit softer in the future.
Well my art journalling course with Kerryanne is in its last days. If you are interested in taking this wonderful course have a look at Kerryannes blog and see when her next class will be. It certainly helped me remove my creative block, to make ME time everyday and to create everyday.
Have a creative day everyone


Serena Lewis said...

Such pretty pages....I love Pthalo Greens and Blues!

Janet said...

I'm glad I could help. And the only reason I knew that was because when I started journaling I did the same thing! Someone else told me so I'm glad I could pass it on.

Your pages turned out fantastic. I love the pinkish one with all the circles and the blue one ....I love those butterflies you did with a makeup sponge. Very creative.

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Lee,
Yippee, More room to splash some paint around in your studio now that its clean.
Love all your latest Journal pages.
Vibrant and exciting!
PS: Word verification "makin"
That could be a hint for you!

Sugar n spice said...

Hi Lee
I'm having a go at the blog world after Kerryannes course and her advice to reach out to other fellow creative people out there. I haven't done it before and it is a bit daunting. I was surprised to see that you have another Janet on your blog and woder if we got mixed up with omments along the way. Anyway I thoroughly enjoyed Kerryanne's course as I feel you did as well. I was sooo grateful to you for sharing your art as I wanted to get other peoples slants on the prompts and themes and you were so willing to give an insight into your inspirations. I started to feel a bit weird about sending copies of my stuff to Kerryanne all the time, thought I might be overloading her but she assurd me she was happy to get the feedback. Anyway it was lovely to connect with you and hope to keep in touch, your work was lovely.
Janet xxx

Queen Bee said...

Oh my gosh! These are gorgeous!
Queen Bee Studio

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