Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Day 13 - busy means you're alive, right?

Are you busy all the time or do you have spare time to just sit and 'be'?

Do you multi task or do you do one task at a time?

Me? I seem to be busy all the time, I often multi-task. Often words like 'not enough hours in the day' fall from my lips, run around in my head and invade my quiet time. It's not that I don't enjoy sitting and just relaxing, I just can't seem to say no to adding things to my to-do list or finding something to occupy my time. I like my art time, although I never seem to get to my studio as often as I would like. I like my time to read although the list of books in my tbr list is growing by the day. I enjoy my meditation time but always seem to be squeezing it in to my day. I like being busy, it makes me feel alive, useful and like I'm not wasting time, because you only live once, right?

 We all search for that elusive 'balance' , the work-life, social balance, the productive time vs relaxation time balance. We spend so much time working out how to get the balance that we are back at square one with no time to spare. The mind gets overloaded and you end up doing nothing.

When did you just do one thing at a time? My mornings before work involve reading while eating my breakfast, planning my shopping list, reviewing my diary for the week ahead. The other night I was having my nightly cuppa while catching up on my art video watching, reading a novel, watching tv. Now how can you really take all that in the way it is supposed to be experienced? Not very well, let me tell you. 

Time to choose consciously how I spend my time.

Speaking of time; it is time, in my mind, for this winter to end. I've had enough of the cold, the rain and the wind keeping me awake at night. Bring on spring, the renewal season, the season of growth, the glorious colours of flowers blooming and the sounds of life all around us.




Fil said...

Beautiful artwork Lee ... and just spot on comments - we're heading in to Autumn here and I'm dreading everything piling up again ... all my good resolutions about having time to play and be will need constant reminders...

Rene (rhymes with Bean!) said...

I love that cup of coffee with a friend. I "stole" it, but just to put up as desktop background for a little while as a reminder to get OFF the computer and go talk to a person IN PERSON.

I spend way too much time on here and tell people it's my only social life. Well, that's a self fulfilling prophecy, eh? I need to be on here at 3 AM when I'm in need of contact, but during the day or evening, I need to go get that cup of coffee!

You yearn for the end of winter, and I'm yearning for the end of summer. I am loving the 50 degree days right now and am not as sluggish as I am in the heat. Deep winter, though, I tend to stay under quilts and blankets and the paints won't flow in my north facing multi-windowed apt.

So....I better get off here and paint while I can!

kelly hoernig said...

that bee is just a wonderfully sparkle of doodling bliss - love it and am so jealous of your abilities!

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