Friday, 9 August 2013

Day 8 - A dare taken up

I missed yesterday but I am embracing my inner turtle and doing what I can when I can so here is day 8.

Yesterday Rene dared us to show our studios as they really are so for Day 8 that's what I'm doing. I finally have my voice back, which is a big YAY! so I thought I would do a short video. This is my first video upload so I hope it works. It's warts and all, messy, cluttered but it's all mine and mine alone. It is my little sanctuary where I can create till my heart is content.
It's blowing a gale outside today so it's a good day to stay inside. 
I'm off to play with gel transfers today. catch you tomorrow



Rene (rhymes with Bean!) said...

LOVE that you took up my challenge!

Beautiful beautiful organized chaos! I'm jealous about all the shelving you have for your materials, but mostly jealous of an actual Workplace!

You've inspired me! I might actually create a place to sit down and work. Might even spill over into the living room where I put my huge dining room table that has no dinner parties.

might as well fill my home with ary stuff.

Raine said...

Thanks for posting that, Lee! It's always fun to see someone else's space. It's also fun to hear the voice behind the name! I think you have even more brushes than I do, and I have LOTS of them! Mostly left over from my decorative painting days. Yeah, I have boxes of wood left over, too.

rose AKA Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

Great space ~ filled to overflow with creative love!

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