Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Day 5 - Just relax

So the verdict on my voice - stress. My specialist said that the virus kicked the laryngitis into gear but the stress is keeping my voice at bay. So time to reintroduce my meditation practices that I had so carelessly set aside and concentrate on reducing the stress.
One of  the things that has stressed me out over the last couple of months is the fact that I cannot get to my art time as much as I would like, because of various things in my world outside art. 
Art for me is a stress release, a meditation of sorts, a grounding, centering practice and quite frankly if I don't get it on a regular basis, I become antsy, grumpy and lost. If you are not careful this can sneak up on you as it has done with me. I ignored the little nudges that the universe was giving me and then when I wouldn't listen and do something about it, the universe sucker punched me into sitting up and taking notice.

Some things should not be an option and quite time meditating, and arting on a regular basis (daily if I can) are two of those things. You realise that these things keep you going, they keep you healthy, they keep you sane. Everybody has their own activities that do this for them, the important thing is that you work out what they are and prioritise them before you health is compromised.

So in the theme of relaxation, meditation and rejuvination I am sharing a few of my paintings that make me feel serene. I love Buddhas and the peace that they represent.
These little guys have yet to find a resting place in my house.....

 these three hang in my family room.


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