Monday, 5 August 2013

Day 4 - free flowing

Day 4 - mmmm, I must admit that I didn't think I'd make it this far but this blogalong is ensuring that I am actively taking notice of what I do each day and also inspiring me to do something creative each day. I love visiting all the other bloggers that are participating, it is a smorgasboard of inspiration. Thank you too for all your lovely comments.
Today i am out in my studio early for a little bit before heading off to the MCG to watch some AFL. Yes, that is a bike you can see, my studio is half of my garage. 
Anyway, I've been playing with the new Atelier Free Flow paints. They have not been released into stores yet but i have been sent a few samples that I am using in the painting I was doing yesterday. They are lovely flowing paints and they easily drip and run without the colour diluting. They are a traditional acrylic paint with the added advantage of acting like acrylic inks if you so choose. I have been using them with a brush, my fingers, squeezing out of a bottle, spraying and running them down my canvas, swirling and drawing with them. I love them and can't wait till you can all get your hands on them.

Have a great Sunday everyone



cookievf said...

Hi Lee!
Your studio looks like such a happy place. I think you can "feel" the energy of a space coming right through a photograph ~ and yours is SMILING :O)

Thanks for the product tip, sounds perfectly fab! Off to peek around your blog & I invite you to drop by & see mine!
~ vicki xo

Farm Gate Creations Incorporating Hummingbird Quilting said...

I love your creative place enjoy playing with your new medium.

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