Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Day 6 - Inspiration in nature

 I see texture and patterns in everything. It inspires me.
 Apart from capturing family and friends and important life happenings, it is a big reason why I rush to get out my phone to snap another photo. I do get some weird looks when I am honing in on a pattern that no one else has noticed and I just have to commit it to memory. I am often heard saying "oooh that would look fantastic as a background" "that would make a great painting" "hang on I just have to get a photo of that to use later on"  When you express yourself visually as in art, photography, etc I think you just see the world through different eyes and my favourite place to find inspiration is the beach. 

 All the texture of the water, the sand, the shells and the way that it changes from minute to minute, day to day. I could walk along here every day and find something different to inspire me.

  The beach is so calming to me but also it really focuses all your attention on mother nature and how grand and beautiful she is

 To be there absorbing the energy of gaia, mother earth; to breathe in the fresh clean air; to touch and feel the earth in it's untouched state - to me there is nothing better. It is refreshing, cleansing, grounding and so, so peaceful, yet so exhilarating.  
 Luckily my relatives all live near beautiful beaches and each year we take the caravan down to Anglesea, my favourite getaway place close to home. The call of the beach has always been with me. it is my favourite place to visit.
I love the beach, plain and simple, no if's or but's. I dream of living by the beach.

What do you prefer? The beach or inland?



Fil said...

Definitely a kindred spirit Lee - I never tire of looking at the water and the beach. Your photos are great :)

Raine said...

How beautiful! I wish I lived closer to the ocean. Your photographs are gorgeous. When I saw those abalone shells just sitting there, I could have cried. I get mine in stores and online. And they have probably had the essence of the sea sanitized out of them. To have one fresh from this sea must be amazing.

Cara said...

What a great post! I always enjoy my vacations to the ocean, but they are very few and far between. I always find it very soul-replenishing. :)

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